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Taxi Routes all over Vietnam

Apart from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Mui Ne, we offer taxis to all destinations throughout Vietnam - please check the table below for details and rates.

You can book any of these taxis here.

FromTo7 seater16 seater
Cai Be Mekong DeltaSaigon (HCMC) US$98 US$103
Cai Be Mekong DeltaSaigon Airport US$98 US$103
Cam Ranh AirportMui Ne US$106 US$117
Cam Ranh AirportPhan Rang US$49 US$80
Cam Ranh AirportPhan Rang - My Hoa US$49 US$80
Can Tho Mekong DeltaSaigon (HCMC) US$106 US$117
Can Tho Mekong DeltaSaigon Airport US$106 US$117
DalatMui Ne US$95 US$106
DalatNha Trang US$89 US$104
DalatSaigon (HCMC) US$149 US$162
DalatSaigon Airport US$149 US$162
DanangHoi An US$29 US$32
DanangHue US$75 US$104
Danang AirportHoi An US$29 US$32
Danang AirportHue US$75 US$104
Hoi AnDanang US$29 US$32
Hoi AnDanang Airport US$29 US$32
Hoi AnHue US$83 US$117
Hoi AnPhong Nha US$181 US$224
HueDanang US$75 US$104
HueDanang Airport US$75 US$104
HueHoi An US$83 US$117
HuePhong Nha US$189 US$232
Mui NeCam Ranh Airport US$106 US$117
Mui NeDalat US$95 US$106
Mui NeNha Trang US$106 US$117
Mui NePhan Rang US$85 US$95
Mui NePhan Rang - My Hoa US$85 US$95
Mui NeSaigon (HCMC) US$89 US$104
Mui NeSaigon Airport US$89 US$104
Mui NeVung Tau US$95 US$106
My Tho Mekong DeltaSaigon (HCMC) US$74 US$85
My Tho Mekong DeltaSaigon Airport US$74 US$85
Nha TrangDalat US$89 US$104
Nha TrangMui Ne US$106 US$117
Nha TrangPhan Rang US$62 US$95
Nha TrangPhan Rang - My Hoa US$62 US$95
Nha TrangQuy Nhon US$125 US$140
Nha TrangSaigon (HCMC) US$175 US$199
Nha TrangSaigon Airport US$175 US$199
Phan RangCam Ranh Airport US$49 US$80
Phan RangMui Ne US$85 US$95
Phan RangNha Trang US$62 US$95
Phan RangSaigon (HCMC) US$157 US$190
Phan RangSaigon Airport US$157 US$190
Phan Rang - My HoaCam Ranh Airport US$49 US$80
Phan Rang - My HoaMui Ne US$85 US$95
Phan Rang - My HoaNha Trang US$62 US$95
Phan Rang - My HoaSaigon (HCMC) US$161 US$194
Phan Rang - My HoaSaigon Airport US$161 US$194
Phong NhaHoi An US$135 US$180
Phong NhaHue US$118 US$142
Quy NhonNha Trang US$125 US$140
Saigon (HCMC)Cai Be Mekong Delta US$98 US$103
Saigon (HCMC)Can Tho Mekong Delta US$106 US$117
Saigon (HCMC)Dalat US$149 US$162
Saigon (HCMC)Mui Ne US$89 US$104
Saigon (HCMC)My Tho Mekong Delta US$74 US$85
Saigon (HCMC)Nha Trang US$175 US$199
Saigon (HCMC)Phan Rang US$157 US$190
Saigon (HCMC)Phan Rang - My Hoa US$161 US$194
Saigon (HCMC)Vung Tau US$74 US$85
Saigon AirportCai Be Mekong Delta US$98 US$103
Saigon AirportCan Tho Mekong Delta US$106 US$117
Saigon AirportDalat US$149 US$162
Saigon AirportMui Ne US$89 US$104
Saigon AirportMy Tho Mekong Delta US$74 US$85
Saigon AirportNha Trang US$175 US$199
Saigon AirportPhan Rang US$157 US$190
Saigon AirportPhan Rang - My Hoa US$161 US$194
Saigon AirportSaigon City Center US$25 US$35
Saigon AirportVung Tau US$74 US$85
Saigon City CenterSaigon Airport US$25 US$35
Vung TauMui Ne US$95 US$106
Vung TauSaigon (HCMC) US$74 US$85
Vung TauSaigon Airport US$74 US$85